Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This year the Heinzen Family Christmas newsletter included a note directing family and friends here to view some pictures of some of the wonderful things that have become part of our Heinzen family life this year!

So...here we present the Hawaii Heinzen's...a year in Review...

Lotsa Heinzen's in Hawaii!

Heinzen Brothers...making memories in Gilroy

Moving the Jeep and the Model A to Gilroy.

Tommy and Anna and the kids on their lot.

Elli (4), Keith (2), Gage (5 mo.)

The newest addition to the family...Gage Nemezio Griffith.

Jon hard at work in Provo!

Jon hard at play in the snow!

Paul singing with other missionaries at a Mother's Day Program

Paul at a Baptism in Canada

Sam's Graduation...class of 2008!

Sam, Papa Bino, and Lauren